The Technology of Storytelling

February 06, 2013

The best way to market your brand to the consumer isn’t by throwing statistics at them or belittling your competition… it’s by telling a story. Look at what Budweiser’s ad in the Super Bowl was able to do by simply telling a story about a man and his horse. There were no words; there was no call to action. All that was present was a story. We spent our childhoods being told stories of princesses and dragons, of ghosts and ghouls. We were given the tools early on to learn how to create a story. Now, with the help of technology, we’re able to do so in a much more interactive way. Utilize what’s in front of you (e.g. tablets and smartphones), stop selling, and start storytelling.

Joe Sabia’s TED talk, “The Technology of Storytelling” shows just how effective it can be when you utilize technology as you tell a story. Check out the video below, and don’t forget Joe’s main point:   “The art of storytelling has remained unchanged, and for the most part, the stories are recycled…but the way in which humans tell the stories has always evolved, with pure consistent novelty.”

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Source - TED


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